The past few weeks

The past few weeks

As its the 1st of the month i wanted to post an update on how things have been going, i think it looks better posting a “budget” update every few weeks rather than every other day and its just easier, gives me a better idea of the jumps my investments have been making, so to start of with….


If you read my previous post about eToro i took the plunge a few weeks ago and invested in a trader called Trex8u247 to see how it would pan out, as he has a few copiers already and his stats over the past few years have been really good i was intrigued to see how i’m sitting…..

As of writing this i am up by 1.31% from my total investment which i’m very happy with although it can easily go down aswell as up at any point. eToro doesn’t quite have the currency view sorted out yet as i’m investing in £’s and not $’s the initial investment was £155.

Im going to keep investing in eToro and probably copy someone else when payday comes around

Funding Circle

Another area i wanted to try was Funding Circle, lending to small(ish) businesses and sole traders and hope to get a decent return back on the initial investment as long as the loan doesn’t go tits up…..

So currently i’m sitting at a -£0.64p….meh…..but this is only because all the loans have not been paid off yet, most are for at least 6 months and in time my initial investment and interest should be paid back.

I probably wont bother investing anymore after i get my investment back mainly because its a long waiting period in hoping a loan doesn’t default.

Hargreaves Lansdown 

This was the first place i started to save my money for my future self, i am starting to treat it more like my bank than my actual bank if that makes sense, the interest is a lot better and its generally more fun…..

A nice 0.92% increase since i started, pretty happy with that and its for the long term (20+ years) so i wont be jumping ship anytime soon. i’m going to be topping this up monthly with small amounts here and there and hoping for a bigger increase at the end of September.

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