Testing new investments

Testing new investments

Ive been reading up on a lot of different investment platforms lately and have decided to try out eToro and Funding Circle


The idea of dealing with stocks and shares sounds like an ideal way to earn some extra money but going at it alone is too daunting, after reading on various blogs about how to go about reading the market, picking the right stocks, where to invest etc it was a bit too much and all the platforms i opened demo accounts with just confused the hell out of me

But with eToro it seemed a bit more user friendly and what won it was for me was the Copy People section, you basically deposit your money and choose to copy other traders dealings so all the hard work is done by investors who actually have some idea of what they are doing.

After checking out all the various traders i went with a guy called Trex8u247, an elite investor with a return of 54% over the past 12 months and his breakdown can be seen throughout the past 5 years….

The minimum deposit was £156 and ill update throughout the year to see how well it performs, but so far im impressed with how easy it was.


Funding Circle

Another market ive always wanted to try was P2P (peer to peer) lending, investing in companies who need loans is a more risky investment but other people seem to have a steady 4-6% annual return even with the bad debts that should be factored into any loan investment, below is which loans i picked…..

The offered return rate is looking promising but anything can happen between now and the final payment date, as long as the companies dont default on the loan ill be happy with the returns.

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