How i track my spending

How i track my spending

Ive just signed up to Money Dashboard, the UK equivalent of Personal Capital in the US, a great little tool to show how you spend your money and where it all goes, this is now going to be my go to source for keeping track of everything i do with my money.

My favourite part is the Incoming vs Outgoing graph…..

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Its pretty easy to understand, ideally i want more green than black! from when i started my new job at the beginning of the year i didn’t get paid between January to May which explains why i had so much going out and nothing coming in (i had to survive on the credit card….unavoidable)

The dashboard is also easy to view and manage but also sore on the eyes with the all the negatives flying around….

Its well worth signing up just so you can track your credit card debts and how you spend money each month (i wasnt impressed with my mcdonalds bill) its allowing me to see where i can cut back and makes me realise how much i waste on junk!

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