Current Debt

Current Debt

As of today my current debt sits at……£14610.43…..urgh, which consists of:-

Credit Card 1 £7121.64
Credit Card 2 £6488.79
Loan £1200.00

The sooner i can get rid of this the quicker i get to saving for my retirement goal which ive set at an adventurous 50, the goal have around £250,000 saved by that time (which includes investments) but thats just a ballpark for now.

How am i going to save this much!?

Firstly getting rid of the looming debt i’ve got, it was too easy when i was younger to go crazy and spend on the credit card thinking i can easily make the payments each month and i now know how thats turned out. By overpaying each month ill reach that goal quicker so aswell as the fixed payment that it takes each month ill add an extra £100-150 on top of it, more saved is more gained right.

Secondly i’ve just started to get into investing, its nothing i’ve done before or have any clue about stocks and shares but i decided to take the plunge and put some money on a few funds, ill get into this is the next post.

Finally im going to cut down on pointless buying, seeing something i want but not need but always end up buying once payday hits the bank, i implemented this a few months ago and have been able to not have the urge to click that ‘purchase now’ or ‘add to basket’ button.



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